You know, you really are fantastic -- Mrs. Fox ('Fantastic Mr. Fox')

Concert Attire

So, I know I haven't been here in ages, but I'm seeing The Neighbourhood next week and it's outside in a music park. The weather…
Laurel Jul 08, 2014
Mod Queenpic

Mod Queen

I got bored yesterday, played with makeup and dreamt of being a 60s mod queen.
Laurel Mar 01, 2014


Check out m'boys in Panic! At The Disco in their new music video for 'Nicotine!' 
Laurel Feb 28, 2014
The Gospel Tourvid

The Gospel Tour

So, Panic! at the Disco is going on another tour this summer and I want you guys to make sure you make it to one…
Laurel Feb 24, 2014
Laurel Feb 24, 2014
Selfie Sundaypic

Selfie Sunday

- purple lips and eyeliner -
Laurel Feb 23, 2014
DIY: Denim Shortspic

DIY: Denim Shorts

So, I transformed an ugly, old pair of denim capris into a decently good pair of shorts. I am pretty proud of myself. Perfect for…
Laurel Feb 16, 2014


Parahoy is happening really soon.  Are you guys ready to set sail with Paramore?
Laurel Feb 15, 2014

Design a Poster For Young the Giant | Creative Allies

Design a 16x16 inch poster for Young the Giant and their new album Mind Over Matter. There are three separate prizes for three separate poster…
Laurel Feb 14, 2014
This Is Gospelvid

This Is Gospel

If for some strange reason, you haven't already, go check out Panic! at the Disco's video for This Is Gospel.
Laurel Feb 11, 2014
Panic! at the Tabernacle: 2.7.14 - Atlanta, GApic

Panic! at the Tabernacle: 2.7.14 - Atlanta, GA

Literally, I had been looking forward to this Panic! at the Disco concert for months and by the time the boys came out, Panic! got…
Laurel Feb 09, 2014
QAF is on Netflix !pic

QAF is on Netflix !

In honor of one of my favorite TV shows ever, ‘Queer As Folk,’ being released on Netflix, I wanted to feature the Equal Love bracelet!  It’s…
Laurel Feb 01, 2014

L K Designs

I just put up some new bracelets in the shop and I think you guys should check em' out! There might be something you like, or…
Laurel Feb 01, 2014

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Laurel Jan 30, 2014
Ain't It Funvid

Ain't It Fun

Go check out Paramore's new video for Ain't It Fun. Not only did it look like tons of fun to shoot, but Hayley William's looks adorable…
Laurel Jan 29, 2014
Am I Katy Perry Yet?pic
Laurel Jan 20, 2014


So, can all my fellow buzznetters check out my cousin's new song Breathless? I can tell he has some knack for a serious talent and this…
Laurel Jan 14, 2014


This is the face of someone who just got a M & G ticket bundle to see Paramore ! So, I'm super stoked because this will…
Laurel Jan 13, 2014
Vampires, Romance Rock N' Roll !vid

Vampires, Romance & Rock N' Roll !

So, I was already stoked to see this movie, I'm even more anxious to do so after hearing Tom Hiddleston talk about the musical…
Laurel Dec 20, 2013
Minnie Mousepic

Minnie Mouse

When is it time for me to go to Disney World? My friend just sent me these adorable Minnie Mouse ears from Disney World and I'm…
Laurel Nov 17, 2013

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Laurel Nov 10, 2013


So, yeah. I think I have a bit of an addiction with purchasing lip color. I bought three in this week alone, but I actually…
Laurel Nov 08, 2013
Black Orchidpic

Black Orchid

So, i got some new tights which I'm in love with and I'm also wearing my new lip color! It's my first Fall lip color…
Laurel Nov 05, 2013
Katy Perry for COVERGIRLpic

Katy Perry for COVERGIRL

I know this happened a while ago, but I just now found out what lip color she is wearing on the cover.  I love the look…
Laurel Nov 03, 2013

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Laurel Nov 02, 2013


So, I finally got around to carving my pumpkin tonight!
Laurel Oct 29, 2013

Ryan Ross Demos

So, last night, I was attempting sleep because I was out with a bunch of friends all night, freezing outside at a festival, but…
Laurel Oct 20, 2013
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